The Real Estate Advisor and Housing Developer
in the Balearic Islands

Consulting – Investment – Architecture & Management

Consulting – Investment
Architecture & Management

Comprehensive Real Estate Solutions

At Inhouse360 we provide comprehensive real estate solutions in the following areas: consulting, investment and a powerful architecture, design, construction, project and management team.

We adjust to each of our clients’ needs, combining years of experience with a comprehensive service intended to help individuals, companies and investors conduct their activities under the best conditions with guaranteed success.

A holistic approach

We apply a 360º perspective to find the best solution for any challenge.  Our ability to adapt to the landscape and to the unique requirements of each project thanks to our cross-functional team is what makes us stand out.

We apply a holistic approach and we always look for groundbreaking solutions, adjusting to our clients’ needs and allowing us to develop projects in a comprehensive manner.

A one-stop-shop with made-to-measure solutions

Our success is based on both the human and technical value of our team; a group of unique professionals with extensive expertise and passion for quality work.

We provide real estate investment, development and consulting services focused on promoting, building, conditioning and developing housing in the Balearic Islands.  As a one-stop-shop, we offer a complete range of services as a “one-stop shop” with made-to-measure solutions in all the corners of our beautiful islands.

From inception to completion

Inhouse360 also provides comprehensive supporting services from the very acquisition and selection of the actual property to the commercialization and sale of the development projects.

We’re distinguished by what we do differently:  from inception to completion, a commitment to the very highest levels of design and quality, and impeccable attention to detail.


Inhouse360 brings together people from different backgrounds and professional disciplines, united by a shared set of values.

Javier Arévalo

Founder & Partner

Travel Industry Expert and Real Estate Specialist
Consulting – Investment – Management

Javier Arevalo, born in 1971 in a small town in La Mancha, educated in Catalonia, spending a few years in Miami (US) and having travelled to wonderful corners of the planet, considers himself a Mallorcan by adoption and a citizen of the World.

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In the three decades that Javier has been immersed in the fragmented and atomized travel landscape, he has had the opportunity to experience first-hand the digital transformation of the services sector along with the constant changes in the industry ecosystem.

As Executive Director, member of the Board of Directors, Javier has been responsible for the successful co-leadership and co-management of the world’s leading bed bank and world’s largest B2B seller of travel ancillaries since its foundation.

As an acting leader, Javier has built lasting relationships with both privately held and publicly traded companies, working with the giants of the Travel Industry and the Real Estate arena, countless startups as well as with international thought leaders across all sectors.

Entrepreneurial by nature, over the years, Javier has focused on joining forces with the best minds in the business, with broad-ranging experience both in travel and in real estate.

Javier holds a Degree in Tourism, a Master of Business Administration, he is a Real Estate Property Advisor, a member of the Balearic Association of Real Estate Agents (ADPI – ABAI) and holds certification in High-Performance Leadership (HPL) from the IMB Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland.